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SysTools Gmail Backup

SysTools Gmail Backup - позволяет делать резервное копирование электронной почты, контактов, календарей и документов из учетной записи Gmail. Поддержка резервного копирования Gmail в Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail и многое другое ...

Quickly Backup Gmail Account to Download & Save Data in Most Popular File Formats. SysTools Gmail Backup Solution for both Windows & Mac OS X User is among the best Gmail Archive solutions and excellent product to backup Gmail emails with attachments & download Gmail contacts, calendar, entire mailbox to PST/ Mozilla file file format to save it locally on System, pendrive, hard drive, etc.

Highlighted Features of Gmail Backup
- Backup Emails, Contacts, Calendars & Documents from Gmail Account
- Support Secure Backup creation of Single Account
- Free Up Server Space using Delete After Download Option
- Option to Resume Interrupted Backup to Save Time
- Incremental Backup Option to download only new / updated data
- Settings to Manage Internet Bandwidth for Smooth & Reliable Backup
- Supports Backup Gmail to Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail & more...
- MS Outlook should be Installed to save Gmail data into PST.

Single Gmail User Account Backup
You can also create backup for single Gmail account by using 'Single User Backup' option where you just have to provide account details of an individual Gmail profile and proceed with the backup of gmail to mail client.

OAUTH2 Authenticated Backup
When logging into your Gmail account via software panel, you will be redirected to a web page for o-authentication. The feature allows you to choose 'Accept' for permitting the tool to access your account data for its Gmail email backup to PST/ EML/ MSG and TB file format.

Backup Gmail Into PST/ EML/ Thunderbird file/ MSG
This utility downloads Gmail to PST and also create backup of email data in three different file formats i.e. backup Gmail to EML, MSG, or forms. Select the desired format to later use it on various other applications.

- Download Gmail to PST File: Supported by MS MS mail client (2016, 2013, & all below version) Email Client
- Backup Gmail to TB file File: Supported by Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Netscape, Pocomail etc.
- Archive Gmail emails to MSG File: Single Message file, supported by Microsoft Microsoft email client
- Save Gmail to EML File: Supported by Windows Live Mail, email client Express, Apple Mail, etc.

Apply Email Filters
You can take backup of Gmail data, within a specific date range. Apply filters to minimize the time consumed in unnecessarily downloading the entire Gmail account data with Gmail to PST, EML, working, MSG Backup tool.

- Select Folders: For the folders that can be included to download Gmail archive.
- E-mail Filter: This includes the date filter including the from and to constraints to define the start and end date respectively.

Contacts And Calendar Backup
For taking backup of Gmail contacts and calendars, software proposes vCard and ICS file formats respectively. User can easily save Gmail contacts to VCF file format and also download Gmail calendar in ICS. You can save all your address book data from Gmail with this feature.

Backup Documents As Original
Software backup Gmail messages to hard drive & also backup the documents available in your Google Drive of latest revision and in their original file type i.e. Word file as .doc, Portable File as .pdf, Presentations as .ppt, etc in your PC.

Complete Backup Status Report
When the software backup Gmail to working, PST, EML, MSG, the tool shows complete progress report with details like: email count, calendars count, contact count, document count, status & action.

Save Internet Bandwidth
A throttle setting option is available to manage internet bandwidth use. Specify percentage of total internet BW that you want the tool to consume for creating backup. You can also set a time slot setting for a specific amount of bandwidth as per your need by providing a "To" & "From" time slot of hours and minutes.

Pause & Resume Downloading
For uninterrupted downloading, software allows you to pause the processing and if you lose internet connection or stopped the process in between then it can later be resumed. Once paused, the process can be resumed even after the software is closed and re-run later on, only by providing the respective account password.

Folder Wise & Incremental Backupfolder
Feature limited to Email folders, applying this feature you can download data from selective folders. You can backup selected Gmail to MS mail client or to other email clients either from all folders or selective ones using “Select All" or "Checkbox beside selective folders” respectively.The software provides users with facility to take Incremental Backup which supports to save only new data, if the backup is taken once previously. This option will help users to save time & effort.

Effortless User Interface Offered interface
The tool comes with a remarkably interesting and easy to operate UI. Both; technical & novices can download archive of Gmail into email client PST, EML, MSG, & work with the tool. Execution of each step comes with the change of screen where all options are clearly classified.

Maintains Account History history
Complete Gmail account data download history maintained, in case software close accidentally. These may include; loss of internet connection or system crash. You can look up at the Home Page of Gmail Backup software to find out the complete account backup history.

Supports Multiple Languages languages
You can run the Gmail to PST conversion software in the language of your choice and comfort. Apart from English, Google Mail Backup tool offers 5 more language options to choose from. You can change the UI language from the default set English to French, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Selective Gmail Data Backup
Backup all items like: emails, contacts, calendars and documents from multiple email accounts. Also; you can check or uncheck specific items rather than backing up all of them with Meta properties like: to, from, Cc, Bcc, & attachments kept intact while backing up data from Gmail to Microsoft email client PST & other file formats

Avoid Data Loss
Having backup of your full Gmail account allows you to secure your data at your local desktop. The data loss may occur due to exceeding server storage limit, unintentional deletion & So on. Thus tool will help you in Gmail deleted email recovery and will carry on the Gmail backup to Microsoft mailing client.

Trusted Fast and Accurate Solution
Our dedicated team of SysTools Google Mail Backup created cheapest & highest quality solution – To move Gmail to PST and other classic file formats quickly. The user can Save money, and time both by opting our software.

Whats new:
- New feature: Folder Wise & Incremental Backup
- New feature: Effortless User Interface Offered
- New feature: Maintains Account History
- New feature: Effortless User Interface Offered
- New feature: Supports Multiple Languages

System Specifications:
- Operating System: Windows 10 & below versions
- Processor: Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (x86, x64) or equivalent
- Memory or RAM: Around 2 GB of RAM
- Hard Disk Space: Minimum 100 MB of free hard disk space

Application Pre-Requisites:
- MS Outlook is necessary to perform Gmail Backup into PST
- Turn off "Two Step Authentication".
- Turn on access for "Less Secure Apps".

Additional Software:
- Microsoft .NET framework 4.5

SysTools Gmail Backup

Год: 2019
: Windows 10/8.1/8/7
Интерфейс: English
Лекарство: crack
Размер: 18.2 Мб

Скачать SysTools Gmail Backup

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